Heritage Galore

Take off and discover some of the rich history this region has to offer.

Immerse yourself in the beautiful townships of Grafton and Ulmarra. Explore Grafton’s rich heritage by following a string of historical buildings found throughout and get lost under canopies of the giant trees. You’ll also encounter Ulmarra, Grafton’s friendly neighour, which is full of fun and charm.

Immerse yourself in the beautiful townships of Grafton and Ulmarra

Grafton is blessed with broad avenues and magnificent architecture and can be explored in your car or simply on foot on the abundance of walkways scattered all through town.

> Walk back in time while following the Grafton Heritage Trail – Discover endless history and the extensive amounts of building that still stand to this day, some even still carrying out their original purpose. 

> Discover the abundance of trees that line the streets – Grafton’s Jacaranda Trees are most popular in mid October and early November as streets and parks are transformed as the trees explode in all their purple glory. Another fan favourite are the Giant Fig Trees which are a key feature around town, you may even find yourself under Fig Tree Avenues‘ canopy. 

> Take a stroll along the walkway below the Old Grafton Bridge – you’ll get magnificent views of the Clarence River and Susan Island.

South Grafton, a refreshing contrast to the modern architecture that dominates many established cityscapes these days. The combination of history and modern art truly makes this side of town unique in it’s own right. 
> The main street preserves it’s heritage buildings beautifully and showcases effortlessly the unique design and styles from the turn of the century
> Keep an eye out for the colourful murals throughout the Main Street and along the river, though you shouldn’t have too much trouble spotting them as the pop of colour make them a hard one to miss!
> Grab a tea or coffee and a bite to eat from one of the local cafes in town and enjoy the Clarence River views.
You may enter Ulmarra thinking you can get away with a quick 10 minute browse in the variety of second-hand stores that lie here, but that is rarely the case. Hours evaporate here as quick as the snap of your fingers. Overlooking a tranquil stretch of the Clarence River, Ulmarra is quite possibly close to heaven on earth.
> Browse until you can’t browse no more! Ulmarra is full of unique and quirky stores that will leave you impressed with have much you can actually carry in your arms at once.
> A riverside setting for morning tea or lunch is highly recommended, with beautiful and clear views of the Clarence, why wouldn’t you take advantage of that golden opportunity.
> Be inspired by the creative atmosphere – stroll through the small, but fabulous, galleries around town and be left breathless with every turn.
> Follow the Ulmarra Heritage Trail through town – Discover a multitude of buildings scattered along Coldstream and River Street .

Did you get lost in Grafton’s tree lined streets?

Or was it Ulmarra’s quirky shops?

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