Discover Clarence Valley

Welcome to the Clarence Valley where we appreciate the finer things in life...

Crisp mornings on the river, moment of solitude in the surf, long-lost adventures up dirt roads and meeting friends for a coffee and catch-up at the local café. On this trip, you’ll be sure to discover some of the Clarence Valley’s beachside and inland towns. Here you can immerse yourself in the local way of life and take your time getting to know why we hold each and every location so dearly to our hearts.

Immerse yourself in the local way of life

Day 1: Iluka

Day 2 & 3: Yamba

Day 4: Maclean

Day 5 & 6: Grafton

Day 7: Drivers Choice!

Iluka is both tucked-away and close-by at the same time, so its natural delights have been preserved in a quiet atmosphere perfectly. Enjoy all that Iluka has to offer from peace and serenity, to throwing in a line, or going for an adventure through the Bundjalung National Park and Iluka Nature Reserve.

> Have a fish – you are almost always guaranteed a great catch in Iluka. Pick a spot along the Iluka Breakwall and just wait for that BIG bite.

> Stroll through the incredibly peaceful Iluka Nature Reserve and Bundjalung National Park – Appreciate their beauty and wildlife and soak in it’s unique atmosphere.

> Head out to the Iluka Bluff to catch the spectacular 360 degree views out over the coast and inland forest.

Yamba is one of those magical places that have a way of making you feel totally nostalgic, whether it is your first time there or you frequent it often, Yamba is your home away from home.

> Throw in a line – there is a multitude of fishing options from boat charters to break walls, paddle boat hire, kayaking tours and whale watching tours.

> Let’s not forget to mention the stunning beaches – spend the day at the beach, you are definitely spoilt for choice here with Main Beach, Turner’s, ConventPippi and Whiting – You’ll find each one has something that make them unique from the other.

Waking up in Yamba, how about today you explore a little bit more of this magnificent beachside town.

> Grab a coffee from on of the groovy cafes in town, nothing better then a warm cup of love to send you off on your day.

> There are bike tracks galore around Yamba, basically running from one end of town to the other. The ride along Ford Park and Yamba Bay is awesome! Also check out the road down to Angourie and visit the iconic Angourie Point surf break.

> Make your way up to Pilot Hill in the afternoon. You’ll be sure it be in awe of the Yamba Lighthouse standing proudly ontop. From here you’ll get a panoramic view over the surrounding beaches, the mouth of the river and Yamba Bay.

Maclean, the Scottish Town of Australia – and even more so, a connector, a gateway to the coast and country, part river village, part coastal town. With rich history and a tonne of charm, you’ll find yourself left with plenty of things to do and explore.

> Notice all the Tartan-Painted Power Poles? Try and find your Scottish name and tartan – You can find a map at the local Scottish Shop in town, don’t worry if you don’t have a Scottish Heritage – adopt a name for the day and feel the excitement every time you pass it by

> After some history? Maclean has got you covered! Follow the heritage trail through tow and know what it feels like to time travel as you walk through the close-knit streets.

> For spectacular views of the Clarence Valley head on up to the Maclean Lookout – While you’re here, stroll to the viewing platform for The Pinnacle, a unique rock formation surrounded by subtropical rainforest, and an important Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Site.

Grafton is blessed with broad avenues and magnificent architecture and can be explore in your care or simply on food on the abundance of walkways scattered all through town.

> Walk back in time while following the Grafton Heritage Trail – Discover endless history and the extensive amounts of building that still stand to this day, some even still carrying out their original purpose.

> Discover the abundance of trees that line the streets – Grafton’s Jacaranda Trees are most popular in mid October and early November as streets and parks are transformed as the trees explode in all their purple glory. Another fan favourite are the Giant Fig Trees which are a key feature around town, you may even find yourself under Fig Tree Avenues‘ canopy.

> You’ll be left spoilt for choice when it comes to accommodation, food and entertainment so we wish you luck on settling on just one of each of the night!

Today in Grafton how about you take advantage of the mighty Clarence River, right on it’s doorstep!

> Take a stroll along the walkway below the Old Grafton Bridge – you’ll get magnificent views of the Clarence and Susan Island.

> Discover South Grafton and walk along its Main Street – You’ll find more magnificent heritage listed building lings the streets here. And be sure to keep an eye out for colourful murals, though you shouldn’t have too much trouble spotting them as the pop of colour make them a hard on to miss.

> Most importantly, the Clarence River – Perfect for skiing, fishing, kayaking, canoeing, swimming and anything else you can possibly imagine.

You’ve been to Iluka, Yamba, Maclean and now Grafton and might be thinking what else could there possibly be? Well today it’s drivers choice! You could take the quick drive from Grafton to the quaint riverside village of Ulmarra… Or perhaps you’re ready for another day at the beach? If that’s the case you’ll want to check out Minnie Water or Wooli, both have a beautiful quiet atmosphere.

You may have finished this trip and thought you have seen it all.

Luckily for you there is so much more to discover! Uncover hidden gems in the hinterland and even those scattered along the coast… the adventure doesn’t have to stop here!