Best of Both Worlds

Immerse yourself in this 2-day drive visiting some if the Clarence Valleys most beautiful locations.

Explore untouched coastal gems, relax on pristine beaches and refresh with coastal breezes. Discover charming riverside villages that make you feel right at home, discover history and the local way of life. This drive lets you enjoy both river and sea at your own pace, so take your time, enjoy and discover what this beautiful region has to offer you.

This drive lets you enjoy both river and sea at your own pace.

Day 1: Minnie Water – Wooli – Grafton

Day 2: South Grafton – Maclean – Brooms Head

You know the saying ‘good things comes in small packages’, well if it was ever to be true Minnie Water is the perfect example. It is an absolute gem of a beach side village, with pristine and quiet beaches as well as a laid back atmosphere, it really doesn’t get much better then this.

> Have a stroll through one of the last sections of the Yuraygir Coastal Walk – Minnie Water is the halfway mark for this giant coastal National park 

> Enjoy the simplicity of life here and the coastal breezes that come by often

Just when you think you’ve seen all the coastal gems the Clarence Valley has to offer, Wooli’s aqua river and seascapes make you realise there’s still more magic yet to be found. 

> Wooli is famous for its oysters! – The Wooli Wooli River is known to be one of the most pristine river systems in NSW, and therefore the purest, most delicious oysters are cultivated. The season for fresh oysters is October through to April. 

> Get out and kayak, hire a boat or try some stand-up paddle boarding, all in this gorgeous location blessed with both ocean and river waterways 

> Wooli marks the final section of the mighty Yuraygir Coastal Walk. This southern section is just you and the coast, just as nature intended it! Hiking across rock shelves, navigating our way over headlands and along untouched beaches – it truly is a wilderness experience.

Grafton is blessed with broad avenues and magnificent architecture and can be explore in your car or simply on foot on the abundance of walkways scattered all throughout town.

> Walk back in time while following the Grafton Heritage Trail – Discover endless history and the extensive amounts of building that still stand to this day, some even still carrying out their original purpose. 

> Discover the abundance of trees that line the streets – Grafton’s Jacaranda Trees are most popular in mid October and early November as streets and parks are transformed as the trees explode in all their purple glory. Another fan favourite are the Giant Fig Trees which are a key feature around town, you may even find yourself under Fig Tree Avenues‘ canopy. 

> Take a stroll along the walkway below the Old Grafton Bridge – you’ll get magnificent views of the Clarence River and Susan Island.

South Grafton, a refreshing contrast to the modern architecture that dominates many established cityscapes these days. The combination of history and modern art truly makes this side of town unique in it’s own right. 

> The main street preserves it’s heritage buildings beautifully and showcases effortlessly the unique design and styles from the turn of the century 

 > Keep an eye out for the colourful murals throughout the Main Street and along the river, though you shouldn’t have too much trouble spotting them as the pop of colour make them a hard one to miss! 

> Grab a tea or coffee and a bite to eat from one of the local cafes in town and enjoy the Clarence River views.

Maclean, the Scottish Town of Australia – and even more so, a connector, a gateway to the coast and country – part river village, part coastal town. With a rich history and a ton of charm, you’ll find yourself spoilt for choice when it comes to exploring this riverside town.

> Find your Tartan-Painted Power Pole – See if you can find your Scottish name and tartan from the many dotted all around town. No Scottish heritage? Adopt a name for the day and feel the excitement every time you pass it by. 

> Did someone say history? Follow the Maclean Heritage Trail through town and know what it feels like to time travel as you walk from building to building 

> Witness spectacular views of the Clarence Valley up at the Maclean Lookout – While you’re here, stroll to the viewing platform for The Pinnacle, a unique rock formation surround by subtropical rainforest, and an important Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Site. 

Brooms Head has a timeless quality about it. It’s where families, for generations, revisit for old and new memories. With uncrowded beaches, friendly locals and away from the hustle an bustle, it makes Brooms Head the perfect getaway

> Cakora Point is a spot that must be visited whilst in Brooms Head – It provides awe-inspiring aspects of the coastline and is a fantastic spot to look out for whales and dolphins 

> Relax on the uncrowded beaches or take the leisurely stroll from one end to the other, who knows what waits on the other side…Red Cliff… 

> Simply enjoy the laid back way of life that Brooms Head has to offer

To be able to experience the beauty of both river and sea here in the Clarence Valley is truly spectacular.

You really don’t have to travel far to enjoy the wonders of our big backyard.