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Shark Bay

Shark Bay, Iluka, New South Wales, 2466 GET DIRECTIONS »
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For such a fearsomely named location, Shark Bay is a picture of tranquility, and it is nicely sheltered from southerly and south-easterly winds and swell.

This is the first turnoff to the beach on the way in to Iluka from the highway, and provides beach 4WD access north from here, along the expansive curve known as ’10 Mile Beach’ up to Black Rock and its secrets. 4WD access is only at low tide however.

There are no toilets or amenities here, with moderate car parking space by the road side.

This is an unpatrolled beach, so entering the ocean is entirely at your own risk. If you’re not familiar with the ocean – even if you are – they can’t stress enough how deceptive even the calmest stretch of ocean can be. Please use common sense and discretion.

This looks like a delightful place for a dip in calm conditions, though it appears to be a bit of a seaweed magnet up toward the south end, if seaweed ain’t your thing.

Being part of the Bundjalung National Park, no pooches or camping allowed.

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