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Pebbly Beach Clarence Valley

Pebbly Beach, Barcoongere, New South Wales, 2460 GET DIRECTIONS »
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You’re probably not going to get to this beach, because it’s such a mission to get there. Which is good in a way, because it deserves to stay quiet, but also a bit of a shame because it’s absolutely beautiful.

OK, getting there. Take a turn off the Pacific Highway about half an hour south of Grafton, drive for another half an hour or so along unsealed roads through some very un-Clarence-Valley-esque pine forests, and follow some cryptic handwritten signage until you close in on Station Creek. Then loop back south a few kilometres onto the beach (It would be best if you are in a 4WD with good clearance and maybe a snorkel) then drive north up the beach, back past Station Creek and drive across a river (if it isn’t low tide, forget it).

Congratulations, you’ve arrived at Pebbly Beach campground.

One glimpse at the beach through the she-oaks that line the shore, however, tells you all you need to know.

It was more than worth the effort.

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