Minnie Water

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Good things come in small packages and Minnie Water is an absolute gem of a beach village!

One of the best camping spots in NSW, Minnie Water indicates the halfway mark for the Yuraygir Coastal Walk. If you’re not doing the walk but would like a taste, there are easy walks to the north and south available for you to try!

Just north of Minnie Water lies the fabulous Illaroo campground. This campground offers scenic beachside camping sites for caravans, tents and trailers. It’s great for fishing, swimming, canoeing, snorkelling and learning how to surf.

Minnie is one of the older fishing settlements on the coast, due to good anchorage in the shelter of the southern reef. The properties that made it so suitable for fishermen in the days of old are exactly what makes it perfect for today’s holidaymakers.

There’s a reserve towards the north end that contains a hall, toilets, picnic area, the Minnie Water SLSC (the beach is patrolled through the summer holidays) and a vehicle beach access track.

Besides the 65 kilometre coastal trek that is the Yuraygir coastal walk, this area has a handful of other short walk options that may be easier to convince the kids to do - perhaps try the Angophora or Rocky Point walks out for size!

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