Fig Tree Avenue

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Next time you are in Grafton, you must come and stand amongst giants.

Fig Street Avenue on Breimba Street in Grafton, as the name suggests, is magnificently lined with Fig trees. The street is a stunning display and should not be missed. Take a walk or a bike ride through the shaded archway and you’ll see what they mean!

As most people know, Grafton is known for its famous streets of Jacaranda trees which explode Grafton into a haze of purple beauty each Spring. Fig Tree Ave is just another reason to visit Grafton all year round. This magnificent avenue of 17 giant fig trees, which extend along both sides of the street is a National Trust listed site. The trees meet in the middle some 20-30 metres above the road, forming an arch of impressive proportions.

Make sure you bring your camera, you'll want to show your friends back home for sure.

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