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Beer lovers and get-rich-quick enthusiasts rejoiced!

Out in the thriving Gold Rush town of Dalmorton (out on the Old Glen Innes Road via Buccarumbi) were 13 Pubs awaiting your patronage.

Update: This information is valid for the mid-to-late 1800's and it’s quite possible that none of these pubs are open for business. History, scenery and charm, however, are still going strong

Dalmorton was once a thriving community of over 5000 people and 13 pubs during the gold rush era of the 1850s and 1860s. Today the war memorial and a road sign are all that remain of the township of Dalmorton.

Explore the spectacular scenery around Dalmorton including the Boyd River nestled among high-forested slopes and the Historic Tunnel.

The National Parks and Wildlife Service has opened a camping and picnic area near the Boyd River with picnic tables, toilets, fireplaces and an information shelter.

A day out to Dalmorton will require a picnic basket, some camp chairs, a camera, and a sense of adventure. Campers need to bring their own water.

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