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The original ethos of the builders of the Bom Bom State Forest Mountain Bike Trails was to make a series of trails that could be ridden by riders of all ages and abilities, in any direction or order. There now exists about 16 kilometres of singletrack, much of it of this nature.

Since the early phases of building and the success of this plan, some newer tracks have been made more challenging and somewhat directional: notably Uncle Teddy's Wonderland, Harlowe's Howler and Rick's New Track.

The gentle terrain of the location and near absence of rocks means that Bom Bom State Forest trails are generally low too, at most, moderate in their technical rating, making it a great spot for beginner and recreational MTBers. In general, the tracks are quite tight, winding through trees and small gulleys. The soil is hardpack with what's known locally as "pea gravel" over the top of much of it. This makes cornering at times "interesting".

More advanced riders will find challenges of their own in trying to ride 10/10ths through the tight trails and intriguingly sketchy corners.

Bom Bom State Forest is about five kilometres south of Grafton, off the Pacific Highway. To get to the trailhead, turn left off the highway onto Old Lilypool Road. Travel about two kilometres west until you reach the last gate in the forest, on a sharp right-hand bend. There you will see an open gate and cattle grid entering the forest. Follow the dirt road (Boundary Road) for about 200 metres. Follow your nose a bit and you will see trails leading off into the ironbark and spotted gum forest.

During daylight saving, the mountain bike club holds weekly races which are open to anyone who wants to ride and not just club members. Everyone is welcome!

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