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Who What Where When Why How?

Who What Where When Why How?

1 June 2017

With Mollie McClymont (The McClymonts)

Hugely popular country music trio The McClymonts have come a long way since their early days as youngsters in Grafton. The three sisters started writing and playing music from their house on Villiers Street, recording and singing into a cassette recorder with songs often revolving around school, boys and family. When they weren’t singing, they were living the classic country-town life of sport, community events, music and family. We caught up with Mollie in between her busy schedule of festivals and touring for a quick interrogation.

Who is your favourite person to hug?

My all-time favourite has to be my son Ned. He’s so cuddly and affectionate. I smother him with hugs all day long. 

What makes you angry?

People who litter, who walk across pedestrian crossings slowly, bad customer service ... I could go on!

Where do you consider to be home?

Grafton is our home town, and always will be. It’s a beautiful and humbling place to call home. 

When is the best time for a cup of tea? 

After dinner. I’m always hungry after dinner so a green tea always fills the gap. 

Why do you love dogs so much?

What’s not to love about dogs? They’re great company – happy to do anything as long as it’s with you, such as a walk, beach, lazy Sundays on the couch, or hangs in the backyard. They don’t judge, and are so cute! 

How do you define success?

If it makes you happy and it pays the bills then that’s success to me.

Inside info: The McClymont’s fifth studio album Endless is out on Spotify and iTunes
@molmcclymont and @themcclymonts.

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