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The Verdict - I-Scream

The Verdict - I-Scream

9 August 2017

I Scream 

... is a beloved Clarence Valley institution. It’s Grafton’s epicentre of chilled confections.

Reputation, however, means nothing to Clarity’s formidable six-year old reporter, Frances ‘Scoop’ Fenner.


1. Fairy Floss

Wow, this tastes, it ... tastes like strawberry fairy floss, does that mean I become a fairy now?

Why shouldn’t I eat it all? How many more am I tasting? Really?

2. Bubblegum  

Oooooh this is yum. How can I describe it? It tastes like one of those, you know ... those green frogs? Not a real green frog, a lollie green frog. You’re silly, Dad. 

3. Flood Mud  

This is soooo chocolatey, like, reeeeaaaally chocolatey, but it’s like … it’s like … um … a muddy puddle.

4. Strawberry Sorbet

Oooaaarrrrrh! This tastes like banana strawberry! How do they make this? Seriously, how? Can we make this at home?

Frances ‘Scoop’ Fenner, captured at the exact moment the tasting process changed from indulgent pleasure to a feat of endurance.

5. Coconut  

This tastes like a coconut on the beach. I’m starting to feel full now. How many more are there?

6. Banana 

Why did we do all the fun ones at the start? This tastes like a banana. (Dad presses Frances for more information.) OK, it tastes like a banana off a tree.

7. Rainbow

I reeeeally don’t feel well now. I wish I didn’t have all of the Fairy Floss and the Bubblegum. I wish I wasn’t full ‘cos this Rainbow one is soooo yum. It tastes rainbowy.

INSIDE INFO: I Scream 91 Prince Street Grafton. With 30 flavours of ice cream, along with milkshakes, spiders, hot drinks and old-fashioned diner meals you’ll be thinking you’ve stepped back into the 1950s. Open Mon, Tues, Wed – 10am to 6pm, Thurs – 10am to 9pm, Fri, Sat – 10am to 10pm, Sun – 12pm to 6pm

Photo by proud Dad Henry.

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