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Our stories

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22 June 2017

What pushes My Clarence Valley's buttons

Crisp Mornings

We couldn’t get enough of winter’s early morning freshness. Remember those 40-plus days of February? We’ll take a bit of chill any day of the week.

River Glimpses

Scienticians* say living near large bodies of water is good for your physical and mental health. (Something about negative ions in the air which help us absorb oxygen, combat free radicals and balance serotonin levels.) Even without these benefits, a gaze at the mighty Clarence or the Pacific Ocean always makes us smile.

Cafe Choice

Seems every few weeks or so a new, high quality caffeine-slinging enterprise pops up on the radar. We applaud.

Roadside Roos

All drivers here have felt that jolt of recognition – seeing skippy grazing by the roadside – and praying it doesn’t decide to suddenly bounce out onto the tarmac. Another good reason to go easy on the accelerator on our country roads.


Missing Morning Minutes

Who can tell us what happens to that half hour between 7:30 and 8:00 every weekday morning? One moment there’s all the time in the world, the next we’re running out the door half-dressed with a gobful of toast and a bleating child in each hand.

Bridge Traffic

Clarence Valley traffic is a piece of cake, but even so, get onto the Grafton Bridge at peak hour and things get a little …gridlocked. Good thing it’ll be 2019 soon and we’ll have a new bridge. (Unless we’re all whizzing around around in flying cars, in which case bridges will be redundant.)

National Park Pooches

No-one loves dogs more than the Clarity team, but geez we get cranky when we see ’em on National Park beaches. Doesn’t matter how ‘local’ anyone is, no-one’s exempt from the laws that protect our National Parks and native wildlife. There are heaps of top spots around the Clarence for us to cavort with our best mates.

*Yes, we made the word ‘Scientician’ up, it’s good isn’t it.

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