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First Time, Last  Time

First Time, Last Time

25 May 2017

With Dan Ross (Pro Surfer, Coach, Environmental Advocate)

First time you stood up on a surfboard?

I was five years old. Dad took me out on the repurposed back half of a longboard.

Last time you felt fear?

A public speaking engagement last week!

First time you had a sponsor?

Aged 11. Thanks Billabong!

Last time you rode a perfect wave?

Two days ago. It was an amazing view as I took off. I’ve still got it vividly in my mind!

Angourie Point

First time overseas?

Mum took me to London when I was 12. I went to school there for three months.

Last time you were on a plane?

I’m tapping away at these answers on a plane to Sydney now to promote Patagonia’s ‘Yulex’ wetsuits (non-neoprene, environmentally friendly wetsuits).

First memory?

The first memory that really sticks out is getting caught in a rip and thinking I was going to drown. I would have been about six. Dad was surfing out the back and couldn’t see me. Luckily I swam across the sand bank and got to the beach safely.

Last time you were homesick?

When you travel a lot, it all depends on the company around you. I love the friends I’ve made on the road so a lot of places feel like home. That said, I recently spent a month working overseas and couldn’t wait to get back home to the Clarence Valley.

Inside info: Instagram @danielsaaan
Main Pic: Dan takes a stroll. Photo by Margarita Salyak

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