Clarity - A Clarence Valley Journal


Here in the Clarence Valley we appreciate the finer things in life: crisp mornings on the river; moments of solitude in the surf; long-lost adventures up dirt roads and meeting friends for a coffee and a catch-up.

Quite simply, you can breathe a little easier in the Clarence. That’s what this big river country is about. When you stroll the streets of our towns, be prepared to meander and take your time. Clarence Valley people love a chat, and these stories hold us together like the mighty Clarence River that weaves its way through the landscape.

From the Bundjalung, Gumbaynggirr and Yaegl traditional owners, to the generations of families on the land, to the café owners who’ve swapped the city for the good life, to the kids and their beloved chooks – there’s always room for another story.

The Clarence Valley can be a chapter in the story of your life, or it can be the whole book. Either way, we’re delighted you’re here.

Welcome to the first issue of Clarity Magazine. 

52 Discoveries in Our Big Backyard


We’re fond of a saying in the Clarence: Own Every Moment. What this means is you’re free to choose the memories you’ll make: from wild nature to cafe culture, from family activities to quiet time, the choice is abundant and yours. 

And if you think about it, every day here in the Clarence is a fresh opportunity for you and your family – to enjoy, explore and marvel at a truly unique, really beautiful, friendly and welcoming part of Australia.

Whether you’re discovering us for. A year’s worth of sweet Clarence Valley moments, yours for the taking.

Welcome to your big backyard! We’ll see you out and about.Download 52 discoveries