One Ferry, Two!

What’s better than one car ferry that carries you over the mighty Clarence Valley you say? Well two of them!

On this relaxing drive through the Clarence Valley you’ll find yourself on one side of the mighty Clarence River and then the other. Get lost in small town charm and cruise along the river’s edge. Catch the ferry from Ulmarra over towards Lawrence where you’ll then cruise over the Clarence once again to Woodford Island. Remember to take it easy and take your time.

Get lost in small town charm and cruise along the river’s edge

Maclean, the Scottish Town of Australia – and even more so, a connector, a gateway to the coast and country, part river village, part coastal town. With rich history and a tonne of charm, you’ll find yourself left with plenty of things to do and explore. 
> Notice all the Tartan-Painted Power Poles? Try and find your Scottish name and tartan – You can find a map at the local Scottish Shop in town, don’t worry if you don’t have a Scottish Heritage – adopt a name for the day and feel the excitement every time you pass it by.
> After some history? Maclean has got you covered! Follow the heritage trail through tow and know what it feels like to time travel as you walk through the close-knit streets.
> For spectacular views of the Clarence Valley head on up to the Maclean Lookout – While you’re here, stroll to the viewing platform for The Pinnacle, a unique rock formation surrounded by subtropical rainforest, and an important Aboriginal Cultural Heritage Site.
You may enter Ulmarra thinking you can get away with a quick 10 minute browse in the variety of second-hand stores that lie here, but that is rarely the case. Hours evaporate here as quick as the snap of your fingers. Overlooking a tranquil stretch of the Clarence River, Ulmarra is quite possibly close to heaven on earth. 
> Browse until you can’t browse no more! Ulmarra is full of unique and quirky stores that will leave you impressed with have much you can actually carry in your arms at once.
> A riverside setting for morning tea or lunch is highly recommended, with beautiful and clear views of the Clarence, why wouldn’t you take advantage of that golden opportunity.
> Be inspired by the creative atmosphere – stroll through the small, but fabulous, galleries around town and be left breathless with every turn.
> Follow the Ulmarra Heritage Trail through town – Discover a multitude of buildings scattered along Coldstream and River Street.
The beautiful village of Lawrence sits peacefully alongside the mighty Clarence River, this quiet village offers endless opportunity to get out and explore what is hiding in plain site.  
> Pull into the Everlasting Swamp National Park – this rare coastal wetland is a hotspot for birdwatching, bring along binoculars, a bicycle, or a canoe to explore the wondrous parks and the wildlife that lives within.
> Explore the walking track along the riverbank leading from Memorial Park – There are barbecues and playgrounds, perfect for a family picnic, as well as being a great spot for throwing in a quick line or having a refreshing dip in the Clarence.
> Take the famous Bluff Point Ferry, known fondly as the Lawrence Ferry, which will carry you calmly across the Clarence River toward Woodford Island.
Go wild and explore all that is to be offered on Woodford Island. Visit small townships, be in awe of sugar cane as far as the eye can see and be astonished by the fact that you’re on a HUGE island in the middle of a HUGE river. Remember to take it easy and enjoy, that’s what island life is all about.

Could do this trip all day!
The endless loop of witnessing such beauty, as well as, immersing yourself in charming riverside villages.