C'mon Clarence!

Everywhere, all over Clarence Valley, locals are forcing themselves to ignore their instincts on staycation. They’re submitting to spas, enduring exfoliation, succumbing to surfing, paddling on the rivers, forcing down prawn linguine. All for the good of Clarence Valley. Can you be a hero too? Of course, you can. 

Generations of grit run through your veins like a pearl in a Clarence Valley oyster. It’s time to courageously check into a local hotel and sink into soft bedsheets. Shake out those camping cobwebs and load up the mob. 

Be our hero. C’mon Clarence!

Increase your staying power.

You can do it

Lend a hand on the sand.

We tip our sun-hat to you

Keep calm and pamper on.

It’s ya duty to kick up ya booty

Swig for victory.

Put ya suds where ya mouths are

Step up to the plate.

Be a legend.

Be a hero.

Take one for the team.

Go the extra mile.

Get on the trail.

Do it for the girls.

Go all the way for Clarence Valley.